10 Common Words You Didn’t Realise Were Brand Names


Though grammar books give off a rather rigid and stiff idea about languages, but in fact, languages evolve and change with time. Many new words come into being and many words become obscure over time. Language is the primary medium of communication, and it is only natural that as we ourselves evolve over time, this medium will as well. Today, we will be talking about this fascinating subject to some extent, though we will only be talking about some new additions to the dictionary, that were actually popularized by the brand names of prominent businesses. For example, take “googling”, I mean anyone with an internet connection is aware of the world’s most popular search engine. But it has recently been recognized as a verb, which basically means, looking something up on the internet, not necessarily via the said search engine. Though the word “googling” is a pretty obvious one. But there are many other words like this, that you just will not believe were actually associated with brand names.  If you want some infotainment, then I highly recommend that you check our full article about this topic. And you will definitely enjoy what you read.

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