When it comes to personal entertainment, The Walt Disney company rules it all. Although, the Walt Disney company started as a company that only made animation for children, but soon enough they started diversifying. Now Disney has made its way into entertainment for the whole family. Apart from their own production studios, Disney has acquired quite a few companies in the past few decades. Although, not all of the acquisitions worked, but some definitely has taken off real good. Take the acquisition of Lucasfilms for example. Startwars has been a franchise that we can all go back to and enjoy. However we merely had 6 films in total. Thanks to the Disney acquisition, we already have two new films and one more is due in 2018. But this is just one company owned by the Disney. There are several others that the full article goes into details about. As you know, this is merely the intro for the full article, and I do not want to tell you more here and spoil the fun of reading the full article. Instead, let me show you how you can access the full article, and have fun reading.

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