10 Countries Seeking American Immigrants


In the middle of refugee crisis, Insider Monkey is dealing with 10 countries seeking American immigrants. Because Americans, too, deserve a better future and fair options. And where is the best place to find them than in an almost tax-free country? But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s talk facts.

Being a US citizen is great. Living in the most powerful country in the world is an envious quality. Do you know what countries can US citizens travel to without a visa? Well, naming all of them would be tricky, because there are 160 countries on the list! You can simply grab your passport and head to Argentina, Austria, France, Hong Kong, Panama, etc. You name it, and the list probably has it! Being American born enables you to roam the world to your own liking. There’s no place like home, that’s for sure, but still, plenty of Americans choose to leave the country and live elsewhere, at least for some time.

The article will also tell you which countries are practically in love with the American nations since hundreds of thousands are living there already. Not to mention the number of Americans seeking citizenship in one of them practically doubled in recent years. Who could that be? Here’s a hint: it’s a country in Europe, and it’s very American friendly. The number of visa applications for another country simply skyrocketed after Trump’s victory. Intrigued?

Should you wish to start all over, and you’re short of cash, you’ll also find the link for that option, too.

Now, check out which countries love having Americans over in 10 countries seeking American immigrants!