10 Countries That Consume the Most Genetically Modified Foods


Food is one of the best blessing from God that we get to enjoy. I think most will agree that there is nothing like sitting down to a good meal with the family after a long day of work. Today, though, we will not talk about family dinners, rather the food itself. Today the world is home to more humans that it has ever been in the past. We must grow more food in order to feed the people, and the land available for this purpose is not increasing. Thankfully, scientists have once again stepped up for the rescue. Breakthroughs and developments done in the field of genetics have enabled modern farmers to produce more food in the same amount of land, also because of genetic modification many crops have become resilient to pest infestations, resulting in less harmful chemicals ending up in our digestive systems. Today we will be talking about the countries where the genetically modified food is most prevalent. Though health concerns have been raised regarding genetic modification of food items, and many claim that long term consumption of such food items can cause harm to the consumers, but all these lacks substantial proof.

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