10 Countries that Export The Most Beef in The World


If you are a foodie, which I think you since you have shown interest in this particular article, then you already know how awesome beef is as a category of meat. I think, among all the red meat that we love to dine on, beef is the best there is. Of course, like all red meat it contains very high quantities of cholesterol and fat, and one must practice restraint while taking beef. Because, eating too much of it will definitely cause bad things to your health. I mean, you do not want your arteries blocked by cholesterol. But when we eat beef with these things in mind, beef can provide us with a lot of nutrients and calories. On top of that, the taste is really unique and wonderful. Some of the most expensive foods in the world are made with pristine beef such as “Kobe beef”. A Kobe beef steak can cost thousands of dollars. No wonder, beef has become a very economically important commodity of the world today. As the name of the article suggests, today we will be taking a look at countries that export and produce the most beef in the world.

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