Have you ever wondered which countries do the most consumed alcoholic beverage come from? Well, if you have that question, then we will try to answer that to the best of our abilities. Of course we are talking about beer. Archeologists now believe that beer predates the wheel for about six thousand years. Well, from that, you can guess where our priorities have been and to some extent sill are. It is believed that beer was first prepared beverage and it originated right after the humankind started to farm cereals. Enough with the history lesson, let’s talk about the fun part. Did you know that the medically approved intake of beer is no more than two 12 ounce glasses a day? Do consider that before you raise your hand for your 4th or 5th round of the night. Even though beer is quite light on alcohol content, but it can still cause serious health issues. So, try not to get hooked on it too much. That said, let’s find out which countries in the world exports the most beer. As always, you can read all about the topic in our full article.

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