10 Countries that Export the Most Coal in the World


We clearly have become the dominant species of the planet, and we have conquered even the moon. That said, when it comes to energy, we are still kind of dependens on what our planet has to offer. Namely the fossil fuels. And one major type of fossil fuel is coal. Before the invention of engines that utilized internal combustion, our industry and technology was solely dependent on steam engines, and coal was the number one choice as a fuel for those engines. However, things have certainly changed for the better. And today we are heavily reliant on petroleum to run our machines. But, the need for coal has not died out yet. There are many countries out there who still use coal in order to produce electricity. Coal is still an economically important commodity in the world. If you have ever wondered about the countries that lead the world in coal production and export, then the following article will definitely help you find the answers you seek. Unfortunately, in this short intro does not allow me to go into further details. But, I will certainly point you in the right direction.

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