10 Countries That Export the Most Corn in the World


Agriculture is one of the earliest occupations that we took up in order to feed ourselves. And even to this day, agriculture remains one of the major sources of food production of the entire world. Today we will be talking about corn, as the name of the article suggests. Corn is one of the most important cash crops of today. Even though corn is not the staple food for any given continent, but it is eaten and cultivated throughout the planet. That being said, of course, there are some countries that are leading the others in corn production and export, and our article today will try to explore those countries. If you ever wondered which countries export most corn in the world, then I can assure you that you will find a definitive answer in the following article. Our researchers have dug deep into the websites that keep records regarding this topic, and have managed to compile together a list of top corn producing countries. Of course, we will also mention the name of the sources we used for the article, and you will also be able to learn about our ranking method.

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