10 Countries that Export the Most Cut Flowers in the World


To be honest, flowers do not bloom so that we can bask in their mesmerizing beauty. Flowers are merely a technique employed by the plants to attract insects. But, who cares about the details, we love flowers and this is why there is why flower production is a global industry. As the name suggests, cut flowers are basically flowers that have been severed from the plant and are ready to be used as a decoration. Flowers go well with any sort of social gathering, be it a marriage or a party, and in some countries flowers even hold religious significance. Take India for example, in every veneration ceremony, flowers are a must have. Commercially speaking, the world wide flower trade may not be a huge thing right now, but it definitely holds a lot of potential. And many individuals and firms are enjoying a privileged earning cycle through this industry today. Our researchers have delved deep into the matter and have managed to come up with a rather interesting list of countries that are currently leading the flower production industry. If you are looking for some quality infotainment, I cannot recommend this article to you enough.

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