10 Countries That Export The Most Diamonds in the World


Carbon is the most prolific matter in our planet. As you are already aware, it has many forms, such as coal, graphite, and the most beautiful of all its forms the diamond. Diamond is also the hardest naturally occurring material known to us. And of course, diamonds are crazy expensive as well. The ultra-rich and celebrities often purchase diamonds as adornments or as an investment. However, that does not mean we cannot get our hands on one. Diamonds have become much more available than before. But this happened because of our drastic development in mining technologies. Just a mere century ago, diamonds were very rare materials, and only the super-rich could afford them. The most popular gemstones of the day were, rubies and sapphires. That is because diamonds form very deep beneath the surface of the earth, under very high pressure and temperature. Mining them was a very tough job back then. However, things have changed as I mentioned. And diamonds have replaced the rubies and sapphires. It is nowadays very common to find a diamond engagement ring. But, diamonds are being used for many other things apart from adornments.

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