10 Countries that Export the Most Drugs in the World


It is quite astonishing what we have managed to achieve in terms of medical science in the short few years. Many diseases that used to kill humans by the thousands and considered incurable merely a few decades back have now been rendered completely harmless or even eradicated completely. Thanks to the recent developments, we have managed to add a good few years in our average life expectancy across the globe. Yes, there are still a few ailments that we cannot cure even now, but things are really looking bright, and it is only a matter of time before we figure out how to get rid of them completely. That being said, drug production has reached new heights in recent years. As we come up with drugs with amazing properties, and the number of OTC or over the counter drugs increase, this industry has taken central stage in many countries economic scenes. Well, some might argue that we are taking way too much drug than we used to a few decades back, but you have to consider that development in this field has drastically reduced the side effects of taking drugs as well. And in general drugs have become much safer.

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