10 Countries that Export The Most Gold in The World


Gold is a precious metal, and its amazing charm along with other rather unusual properties have made it an essential material for multiple industries. No wonder the demand for Gold in the global market is so high. But unfortunately, there are only a few countries in the world that have enough gold reserves to export this commodity to other countries. And today, we will be taking a look at those countries, and try to determine which countries export the most amount of gold to the rest of the world. Perhaps most amount of gold is used to produce beautiful jewelry, but the use of gold is not limited to that industry only. Gold is also used to produce high-tech electronics and it is also used to insulate sensitive equipment bound for space. And when it comes to economics, gold is also very important there. This is why every country in the world keeps a steady gold reserve to keep its currency’s exchange rate stable. When it comes to liquidity, due to high demand of gold, it can be considered a liquid form of asset.

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