10 Countries That Export the Most Rice in the World


Food is perhaps the most wonderful of all the gifts that God has bestowed upon us. But unfortunately the world is a strange place, where obesity and malnutrition go hand in hand, and where, despite enough food, countless people go the bed hungry. But that is a topic for another time, let us focus on today’s topic. Today, we will talk about rice. Rice is by far the one of the most prolific cash crops in the world. And there is a huge variety of it as well. Unsurprisingly, rice is the staple food of many countries, in Asia. And as you know already, Asia is the largest continent by land mass and population as well. More than half of the population of the world reside in Asian countries. And three billion people in Asia depend on rice for their daily nutrition. Well, that should give away the fact that the list at hand will definitely be dominated by Asian countries alone. No matter what part of the world you belong to, if you happen to be a foodie, you must definitely feel a strong connection with rice, because there are so many delicious dishes that feature this awesome crop as the main ingredient.

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