Salt is undoubtedly a very precious commodity. It is vitally important not only for us, but it is quite important for the animal kingdom as well. In other words, for life to exist in the world, the presence of salt is absolutely essential. Though there are several kinds of salt out there, but for us humans the most important one has to be table salt or Sodium Chloride, the chemical formula for which is NaCl. It is a naturally occurring mineral substance. But further processing is required to make it edible for us. It is an inseparable part of human diet. Also, there are several other uses of salt. For example, it is used to preserve food items. Historians indicate that salt, perhaps, was first produced in Romania and China about 8000 thousand years ago. It is believed that salt was obtained by boiling spring water back in the ancient times. However, in modern times there are a lot of different processes to produce salt. Needless to say which are far more efficient. Commercially salt is a very important commodity as well. Last year an estimated 2.73 billion dollars’ worth of slat had been exported worldwide.

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