Though we do not pay much attention to sugar on the surface. But just try to imagine a world without sugar. I mean, that could be a very tasteless world to live in. If you are having difficulty grasping the idea of a sugarless world. Then I recommend that you take this to a diabetes patient. These unfortunate people are forever forbidden from taking sugar. And that is a very unfortunate thing to happen. Almost every sweet dish contains sugar in one form or another. And along side, making the food very tasty, sugar is also a major source of energy. Production of sugar is not that complex, we get sugar from sugarcane. Though it can be found in all kinds of plants, but it is only found in sugar canes in sufficient quantities for efficient extraction. So, it can be derived that countries that produce huge quantities of sugar canes are the biggest exporters of this product. Did you know that, sugar canes are actually a type of grass? Anyway, let’s not veer off topic here. We have taken a look at countries that produce sugar canes and subsequently export large quantities of sugar worldwide, but the question is which country is the largest exporter of sugar?

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