Perhaps tobacco is the most abused narcotic substance in the world. And it has been that way for a long time. The good thing is, the effect of tobacco is far less intense than other narcotic substances. This is why, the tobacco consumption is legal almost everywhere in the world, save for an age restriction like alcohol. Tobacco is consumed in many ways, and the most popular is cigarettes and cigars. Apart from that, chewing tobacco is also very popular among consumers. The tobacco trade is a booming prospect in the world today. Some countries of the world are leading the industry when it comes to tobacco production, and also the quality of the produce. Our researchers have done an excellent job in identifying the top tobacco exporting countries of the world, and have also ranked them in order. Even though we do not endorse the use of tobacco, as it is very harmful to you and those surrounding you, but this article is meant for educational purposes only. In you are interested in learning about the global tobacco trade, then I am sure our article will help you a great deal.

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