Uranium was not of significant importance up to the Second World War. But, we all know now what awesome power lies within this mysterious radioactive metal. Thankfully, after the events of the Second World War, we managed to harness the power of uranium and used it for peaceful purposes. There are several nuclear reactors in the United States that produce a massive amount of electricity. Up until the recent years, the trading of uranium was government controlled, and out of bounds from private industries. However, things have changed, perhaps for the better. Now there is an established trading policy for uranium. And countries that have Uranium mines can now take full advantage of this amazing resource. Today, we will be taking a look at uranium not through the perspective of science, rather from the perspective of commerce. Our researchers have worked quite hard to gather relevant data regarding this subject, but finally we have managed to come up with the list of top uranium exporting countries in the world today. If you are seeking some quality infotainment, I assure you, the following article will not disappoint.

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