10 Countries that Export the Most Weapons in the World


We all love to think and say that we are all for peace and harmony. But deep down we do fear that someday, if we are unlucky enough, someday very soon all of this is going to fall prey to chaos and destruction. And, we will try our level best to kill each other in a bloody war, probably for some stupid reason. And this is where the weapons come in. Every nation in the world is trying to protect its own interest, and therefore investing heavily in the military industry. Scientists speculate that if we unleash all the weapons that we have stored on Earth, we can destroy the planet a few times over. But, this is still is not enough. There are some countries in the world that not only are content with arming themselves, but has taken a liking toward arming other nations as well. Probably it is for the best that there should exist a balance of power, but the business of weapons is not something that should be taken lightly. Our researchers have gone through heaps of information and managed to put together the list of top weapon exporting countries of the world.

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