10 Countries that Export the Most Wheat in the World


Firming is perhaps the oldest widespread occupation in human history. Even though, we have come a very long way since we first started farming, but it is still the primary source of food production around the world. There are a lot of thing that we farm, but wheat is perhaps the most important cash crop of them all. In other worlds, wheat makes up for the most consumed crop in the world, if we talk quantities, more wheat is consumed every year than potatoes and maize combined. You can imagine the economic significance of the crop. Naturally, many countries are producing wheat in huge quantities. Today we are going to take a look at those countries that are leading the world when it comes to wheat production and export. If are willing to learn about the commercial aspect of wheat, then the following article will definitely help you a lot. Of course, we will provide you with the sources that we used to put together this list of top wheat producing countries, so that you can double check if you so desire.

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