10 Countries that Have The Most Gold Medals


The Olympic Games are a great way of showing off a country’s athletic prowess. Back in the day, Olympic served a similar purpose as well. It was basically a show off of strength among neighboring city states. But as you probably know already, back in the day the winners of the ancient Olympic Games did not receive any medals, they merely received an Olive Wreath, but the most important prize of all was the recognition and applaud of the people. In modern Olympic Games the object did not change, nations all over the world want to display their dominance in a friendly manner in the Olympic Games, and the highest recognition an athlete can get is the gold medal.  Naturally, the country which has the most gold medals can claim to be the athletic powerhouse of the world. If you are wondering which countries in the world dominate the Olympic Games in terms of gold medals, then you have stumbled upon the right web page. Thankfully, a lot of web site, keep track of gold medals earned by countries and making the list was not that difficult. Do you know which country has earned the top spot in our list? Well, if you don’t, then I highly recommend that you stick around because the answer will definitely fill you with pride.

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