10 Countries That Send Most Immigrants To Australia


Australia is a massive country, it is so big that it has been classified as an entire continent on its own. However, that does not mean that there are a lot of people living in Australia. On the contrary, there are very few people living in Australia, as most of Australia is inhabitable and covered in harsh desert. People can only around the coastal areas of Australia and not much inland. Naturally, the population is spread across the continent sparsely. Australia is a developed country, and has a very strong economy. People from all around the world go to Australia for better opportunities. People go to Australia for higher education and also to become an expat. In fact, a large portion of the entire population of Australia is actually immigrants from countries around the world. People from under developed and also developed countries come to Australia in hopes of a better life. We cannot say whether they get it or not, but we can certainly take a look at the data available on the internet. This is exactly what our researchers did and found out which countries are sending the most immigrants to Australia.

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