10 Countries That Send the Most Immigrants to Canada


By area Canada is almost as big as the United States. Canadian economy is quite strong and thus attracts immigrants from all over the world. As a neighboring country, it is really important for US citizens to know which countries are sending immigrants to Canada, under the given circumstance. Of course, Canada is one of the most strongest ally of the United States, but immigrants to Canada may not have similar mindset towards the US. Now that said, you may ask why Canada is allowing so many immigrants each year from all over the world? Well, to be completely honest, Canada may be huge in terms of area, but only a small percentage of Canada is actually populated due to various reasons. I mean, we all know about the harsh Canadian winter. Canada may experience a steep decline in population if Canadian government does not allow immigrants into the country. However, I am sure this explanation will not be enough for your queries, but do not worry, we got you covered in our full article. This is merely the intro of the main article. You will get a lot more data and explanation in the full article. Without further ado, let me point you towards the full article located at insider monkey’s blog.

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