10 Countries that Spend The Most on Christmas


It has been a little over a month since Christmas, but I am sure many of our readers have already started to miss Christmas. And unfortunately we will have to wait quite some time, before that time of the year comes again. I hope the following article will help you relive some fond memories of Christmas, as you indulge in blissful nostalgia. Definitely Christmas is a religious event, however, its appeal has spread across the world far beyond Christianity. As Christmas comes round, the entire world joins in to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, despite religious and ethnic differences. Today we will be talking about the countries that usually makes the most out of Christmas, as they go into a frenzy of opulence and excess as Christmas approaches. At this point you are probably wondering how we went about figuring this out. Well, all we had to figure out the median spending per citizen in various countries, where Christmas is a major cultural and religious event, and voila we got what we looking for. Our researchers did a splendid job compiling up this list. I am sure you will enjoy reading the full article a lot more than this one.

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