10 Countries That Spend the Most on Healthcare


Every country out there is trying their best to look after the citizens. After all, that is what democracy stands for, and that is what a democratic government does. Citizen welfare expenditures take up the lion’s share of the annual budget of most countries in the world. And there are many sectors on which this huge amount of money is spent to ensure quality of life of the respective citizens. Like education, healthcare, communication, social safety nets and other similar programs make the bulk of this welfare expenditure. But today, we will be focusing on only one aspect of it. And as you can surely tell from the name, is going to be health care. Well, a countries over all prosperity and development is measured by the state at which its citizens are currently living in. And for a country to move forward, it is absolutely necessary to create an environment, where the citizens feel safe. Health care is one such aspect, which a country must work on, to ensure the ongoing development. We have taken into account the research done by World Health Organization (WHO) and World Bank to create our ranking, and you can read all about these countries in the full article.

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