10 Countries That Spend the Most on Infrastructure


If a country is to prosper and its population is to experience a better quality of life, then it must build a strong, and sustainable economy. And if an economy if to function more efficiently then having a large scale and competitive infrastructure is a must. Naturally, after you get there, I mean after you get your economy up and running, you need to put more money into maintaining the infrastructure, and if need be you must also be willing to upgrade the economy as necessary. And that also takes a lot of money. Also, a well maintained infrastructure ensures much better quality of life for the residents as well. It is only natural that countries all over the world, spend a major amount of their annual budget on maintenance and upgrades of infrastructures. But in the past few years, due to deteriorating economic conditions have forced many developed countries to cut down funding for infrastructure development, on the other hand, some countries that previously were not known for having world class infrastructure, have upped their spending on this sector. Overall, this has become quite an interesting topic.

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