10 Countries That Spend The Most on Military


Today we will be talking about a rather controversial subject. Though at the surface of things, “might is right” the ever so true rule of the jungle, might not be visible in modern human conducts. But it becomes quite obvious when we see some nations spend a lion’s share of their annual budget on increasing military strength. Yes, the threat of global terrorism is on the rise, but those who pose the threat are definitely not equipped enough to sustain a full scale war for any considerable period of time. At least that is what we gather from the media. There no longer exists the threat of Nazism nor the Soviet Union, but yet, it seems the world is preparing for a large scale devastating war for some reason. Which I am sure you will be able to see as you go through the full article on this topic, and find out the astronomical amount of money is being spent by some countries to beef up their respective military strength. As you go through the list, you will see that most countries on the list are not even at war at the moment.

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