10 Countries Where Twitter Inc (TWTR) and Facebook Inc (FB) Usage Is Shrinking


The advent of the internet and the advancements in computer technology has shrunk the world into the size of our palm. We are finally living the dream of being ubiquitous, and being in touch with everyone that matters to us. It must be said that the most popular platform for keeping in touch and making new friends is perhaps social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. These two giant social networking websites have dominated the industry for decades. And as it would appear, these two social networks will continue leading the industry in the coming years as well. Now that said, this does not mean that Facebook and Twitter are not having trouble sustaining their growth. In fact, our research distinctly indicates that these two social networking giants are bleeding users in some areas of the globe. I am sure, if you are a Facebook or a Twitter user, or perhaps in most cases a user of both sites, then our today’s article will interest you quite a lot. I highly recommend that you take 5 minutes of your time and go through our interesting finding. If anything the article is of great infotainment value.

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