10 Countries Where Twitter (TWTR) is Growing Faster than Facebook (FB)


Social networking has gained extreme popularity during the past decade. Thanks to powerful handheld computers and smartphones, anyone can access the internet from any place and connect to the entire world. Today, we will take a look at probably the best two social networking websites of the day. Facebook obviously, and Twitter. Both of these hugely popular social networking websites have gained considerable popularity. Especially Facebook, since its launch, Facebook has completely dominated the social networking market of the world. However, its competitors are not lagging behind either. They are pulling in users as well. For instance, let us take a look at Twitter. Twitter has a pretty massive user base to begin with, though not as massive as Facebook, but it is growing pretty rapidly. Our researchers have come up with some pretty interesting statistics regarding the growth of Twitter, which we would love to share with you. There are some countries, where the user base of twitter is actually growing faster than that of Facebook. Are you wondering which countries these are? Well, if you are really into social networking, then you would love the article that is for sure.

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