10 Countries with Highest Average Height in the World


Bipedal locomotion, or the way of walking upright is not that common in the animal kingdom. Yes, some primates do occasionally stand upright and walk a few steps, but they prefer to walk on all four. The way we do it, is virtually unheard of in the wide animal kingdom. Scientists speculate that, the ancestors of modern humans, discovered that it was far easier and faster to gather food with hands, and that required them to walk upright, and this is the reason behind our “unusual” walking. Yes, to us it is not unusual, but if we look at the animal world, it is rather unique. Though today we will be talking about countries with the highest average height. Coupled with our way of moving around a tall stature gives us distinct advantages, also it is commonly perceived all over the world, that a tall stature commands strong personality and confidence. So, being a tall person is pretty much considered as a quality among most societies of the world. At insider monkey’s blog page, we have put together a list of 10 Countries with Highest Average Height in the World. And our methods of doing that can be found in the full article.

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