Can you say which country is “responsible” for making the nearest objects around you? Do you think the biggest and most powerful countries are behind it? Well, not always. Take a look at these 10 countries with most inventions per capita in the world to see who helped us to live our lives with ease.

After writing about 10 countries that have invented the most things in all human history, Insider Monkey is again telling us about who has the most inventions in the world. Thanks to the most innovative countries, we are able to enjoy so many things that we take for granted nowadays. What are you reading this on? A laptop computer? Well, someone had to think of a way to reduce the personal computers to this handy size. Did you brush your teeth this morning using your special toothbrush? That also used to be a novelty, and you’ll see here which country was the first to think some refreshing paste for the teeth would be very convenient. Or how about the toilet? Isn’t that the greatest invention of all times?

Jokes aside, it seems that some countries are more fortunate to have creative and imaginative citizens than their neighbors. Who would’ve thought a small European country would give us the very essence of our lives – Wi-Fi? Its inventors were the creators of the first CD, too. Therefore, the list offers some insight into the most interesting patents. There are videos to get the real picture. However, not all the inventions are extremely useful or popular. Just take a look at some of the most original make-up products. Or the silliest ones perhaps.

Wouldn’t you like to know more? It’s time to appreciate all the gadgets around you and their creators. Go to  10 countries with most inventions per capita in the world and satisfy your curiosity.