10 Countries with the Highest Deforestation Rates in the World


We may belong to different countries, but there is just only one planet that we can call our home. Despite this fact, people around the world are doing things that are putting our planet, and in extension our very existence in danger, and one such thing is deforestation. All over the world, accommodation is in high demand, human population is growing, and in some countries it is growing at an alarming rate. We need more room, and thus we are to make this extra room we are engulfing hundreds of acres of forest. Also, another major reason for deforestation is the high demand for lumber in general. Yes, our civilization is growing, but we must not forget what deforestation entails, trees are the essential for life to exist on earth not just humans, they are the basis for pretty much every ecosystem on land. Also, they help purify the air by consuming the immense amount of carbon dioxide that we produce each day. The massive deforestation all over the world has put our planet’s future in jeopardy. Already many countries all over the world are facing the grim consequences of deforestation. For the time being, there seems no solution for it, but if something is not done soon enough, our future generations will definitely suffer.

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