It is said that rainfall inspires your inner creativity. And the rainy season is the season of poets. Well, we can most certainly relate to the fact that there is something about rain that kind of makes us sad, and yet we like that particular gloominess. And sometimes we just do stupid things like getting wet in the rain, without any rhyme or reason. Now that being said, there are also many people out there who just despise rain, and for good reasons. Heavy rainfall can easily strand you for hours, it can cause traffic jams, it is much harder to work when it is raining, and the list just goes on and on. Whatever your take may be on the matter, you surely will be fascinated when you read our article about the topic. Our researchers have done adequate research and have found the places where it rains the most, and we have also ranked these places in order. Of course you will be able to read all about our research methodology and our ranking techniques in the full article. So put your imaginary wetsuits on and strap in for the infotainment ride of your day.

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