The government of any given country has to manage a lot of expenditures. And running a country is not easy task. From the very early form of government, taxation has been used to acquire the necessary resources to run the country. Albeit some have abused this mechanic to meet their personal ends, but in the modern times, that is no longer a concern. At least in the first world countries. However, that does not mean that the amount of tax the citizens of a given country has to pay cannot reach unjustifiable levels. Some countries have been known to impose absolutely crazy amounts of taxes. If you think that you are paying a lot of money in taxes, then you should read about these countries. Well, there are so many sectors the government must spend money on, to ensure smooth operation and also ensure the development of the country. Taxes have been the major source of a government’s income from the ancient times, and even today, it is the major source of income for all the governments. Though controversial, but it seems taxation is here to stay.

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