10 Countries with the Lowest Rainfall


Rainfall is extremely important as without rainfall there cannot be a harvest. I am sure I do not need to articulate how important it is to have a good harvest. I mean, most of us do not work on a farmland anymore, but farming is still how we manage to feed ourselves. Farming is one of the oldest occupation for man, but it still is as important as in the prehistoric times. If a country has a bad harvest, the country will most certainly face a terrible famine, the relatively rich people may remain immune to its effects, but the poor will suffer without a doubt. Today, we will talk about a few countries that see the least amount of rainfall each year. Thankfully, the human ingenuity has made it possible to sustain life even on the most desolate of place, therefore these countries are quite livable, but the life there is definitely not easy. If you belong to a place where rain is something you consider a nuisance, then you will never be able to understand how important it is in these countries. Reading through this article will certainly give you a new perspective on life and the importance of rainfall.

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