Governments all around the world are somehow dependent on the taxes. Running an entire country is a very expensive task. Though governments run projects that earn revenue, but still a lot of tax money is required for them to function properly. Just try to imagine how much money is necessary for the government to run the country for a whole year, just think of the paychecks of all the people working in public firms and organizations. But that is not all, there are a thousand more things that the government must pay for in order to keep a given country functional. Now that being said, we get it that the tax money is really very important for the government, in this case we are talking about income taxes. That being said, in most countries, the rich demographic ends up paying a substantial portion of the total tax income of a country. That is because, the rich are usually charged at far greater tax rates compared to other income groups. Now, that could seem like the rich are being penalized for being rich and many cannot agree with that sentiment. If you are a rich person, and are unhappy with the current tax laws of your country, then you better look at our article.

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