10 Countries With the Oldest Written Constitutions in the World


“Humans are highly developed and intelligent beings, but human nature has been hopelessly flawed since the beginning of time. It is imperative to lay down some guidelines to ensure at least a degree of order and justice in society. Exactly that is the function of the Constitution in every country: to be a guarantor of basic human rights and an authority on societal rules and obligations, as well as the source of luminescence that affords clarity on how to govern people as a community so that ultimately everyone benefits. Of course, since constitutions are also crafted by humans, they are guaranteed to have flaws and issues. But, on the whole, they work well, provided that they are implemented, and that too in a way that embodies the true spirit of the document.”

As the above extract from the analytical Insider Monkey article 10 countries with the oldest written constitutions in the world reveals, justice is complex and difficult to administer in the real world, and humans have forever been searching for the most fruitful way to do so. The article not only examines the early experimental efforts of humans with regard to law-making, but also outlines Aristotle’s momentous contributions to it. Moreover, it includes a wide variety of interesting facts about famous constitutions, satisfying your every potential question on the topic. However, what sets it apart from other articles on the Internet is the rigorous fact-checking, research, and thoughtful analysis that it offers on everything that it talks about, be it the timelessness of justice or the constitution of the United States of America.