10 Deadliest Weapons in the World


Are you interested in weaponry, then by all means, please do continue reading, because today we will be discussing about some awesome and cool weapons of the modern world. That being said, we will not be discussing the weapons of mass destructions here, rather conventional weapons that are considered to be very dangerous.  Though it might seem that a weapon is something which one might associate violence with, but in my opinion, weapons are no different than an ordinary tool, the only thing that should be associated with violence is the intent of man. In the hands of a terrorist a weapon most definitely is a tool of destruction and violence, however, the very weapon in the hand of law enforcement personnel becomes the means of protecting the peace. In this light, let us look at weapons and try to appreciate what is good about them. Nature did not give us claws or teeth to defend ourselves with. But, what mother nature did provide us ample with is intelligence. And by using our superior intelligence we have become the most dominant species on the planet.

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