10 Easiest and Hardest Countries to Conquer


If world conquest is on your list of things to do before you die, then you are going to definitely enjoy reading this article. I can assure you right away that though it is unlikely that anyone would really think about taking over the entire world by themselves, but if anyone did, then this article would definitely help him/her determine the list of countries which to take over first and which are best to be avoided. Yes, we have done actual research before coming up with the list of countries. And for this purpose, we have taken into account the Global Firepower List of 126 countries. This takes into account about 50 factors and have an elaborate power index for each of the countries. The power index allows us to see through sheer numbers and actually assess the effectiveness of a countries combat potential. For example, there are many countries out there that do not possess an active Naval force, but there might be no need for one in that particular country’s case, and the firepower index helps us to identify this. But to learn more about our ranking methods you would have to go through the full article.

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