10 Easiest Cities to Live Without a Car


Cars have become pretty much an integral part of our daily life. We the city dwellers take cars for granted, and rely heavily on cars to get us places and have things done. However, if you are someone who is perhaps going totally green or perhaps for some other reason want to part with your car, and also do not want to give up on the amenities and perks of a modern city life, the following article is precisely directed at you. Yes, it sounds rather impossible to live in a US city and not having a private car, but it can actually be done. Of course you will have to make some minor adjustments, but they are only minor. So without further ado, let us get on with our today’s topic. A privately owned car provides you the option to go from point A to point B at your leisure and with some degree of comfort. But, all that can be achieved without having to buy and then insuring a car of your own. I am sure you are dying to know how. And for that you will have to take a look at our full article.

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