10 Easiest Countries to Buy A Gun in The World


I sincerely hope that the title of this article did not rub you off the wrong way. Because guns are not something evil by themselves, neither guns are something good. Guns are mere tools, no different than a wrench or a knife. Of course, a gun can be evil in the hands of an evil person, but so can be the wrench or the knife if wielded by the same person with malicious intent. The only thing that makes the gun superior is its ability to cause damage, which is significantly more than any wrench or knife known to us. This is why many countries of the world are so restrictive about guns. I am sure you are able to guess the number one country in the list already. But, I am certain that you will not be able to guess other countries that made our list. I would also like to point to the number one country in our list today, and make a point that the number of guns available to civilians does not make a significant difference in the rate of crime. There are other major contributors to the rate of crime, than mere access to firearms alone.

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