10 Easiest Directors to Work With


When it comes to film making trivia, I am as good as the next guy. However, I have seen my fair share of movies. All I know is the director of a film is the head of the project, and its just like working in a corporate office, if your boss is not a good person to work with, you will not be able to love your job and your productivity will take a hit. There are rumors that bad directors have ruined a few very good movies, not because they did not know what they were doing but because they just were not easy to work with. Of course, I am not going take names, if you are a movie buff you already know which movies I am talking about. As the title of our article suggests, today we will talk about a few directors who are highly regarded in the film industry not just for their creativity but also their good behavior. Actors just love to work with them, and there are incidents where actors have actually gone out of their way to do scenes for these directors.

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