10 Easiest Dorm Foods to Make


College life has its own charms and perks, but to think there are no drawbacks associated with it would be really wrong. To gain something in life, you must also give up on other things. And moving into a college dorm is no exception. For example, today we will be discussing and trying to remedy one of the most common inconveniences college students face. After the initial excitement of being in a dorm wanes, and more mundane things take precedence, you realize that there will not be any more home cooked meals for you for the time being, and you must rely on cafeteria food and pop tarts in order to survive. And yes, that can and have induced panic attacks. Now let us come to the point. Of course you have the option of cooking for yourself, but being in a college and stuff you will likely have a lot on your plane (pun intended), and you will find it rather difficult to make time for cooking and you might not be good at cooking as well. That being said, there are thing that you can easily cook, and you need to be a culinary wizard to cook them.

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