10 Easiest Fictional Characters to Dress Up As


Are you planning to dress up as a fictional character to your next convention or perhaps a costume party? Well, there is quite some time till Halloween, but that does not mean that other dress up parties are not going to happen in the mean time. It is best that you prepare a few costumes, because the opportunity to show off your cos play prowess may be lurking just in the corner. The thing is, when the character designers put together a character, they hardly ever take into account cos players, rather they focus on the character’s theme, the backstory and other stuff. This is why, some characters are extremely difficult to put together a costume for. Though not completely impossible, but you have to ask yourself, whether you are willing to commit too much resources in order to dress up as your favorite fictional character? Alternatively, you can choose any fictional character from our list, as you can tell from the title, our researchers have put together this list completely based on the simplicity of their costumes. To be honest, these characters are not half bad, I certainly recommend that you go through the article before you commit yourself to a certain costume. It is nicely written and contains useful information for beginner cos players.

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