10 Easiest Fifths to Drink in One Night


Before we even begin, I would like to take this opportunity and say it out loud that alcoholism is a terrible problem. Drinking heavily will eventually cause serious damage to your body and you should actively try to avoid drinking as much as possible. Do you know what a fifth stands for? Well, since you have shown interest in this topic, I think you do know what a fifth means. Regardless, let me give you a short rundown anyway. A fifth basically means 1/5 of a gallon of something, roughly 750 ml. of beverage. Now that said, drinking that much liquor in a single night is definitely not advised, as you will have a severe hangover the following morning and many other problems to go with it. If this is a onetime thing you want to pull off to impress your friends, then it is perhaps understandable, but do not think about doing it continually. The key is to drink beverages that have low alcohol content in them, the lower the alcohol content, the more you will be able to drink and maintain composure. I am sure, you are dying to know what drinks made it into our list today. Without further ado, let me point you towards the full article.

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