10 Easiest Mountains to Climb in USA


Don’t you just love the mountains? The fresh air, the magnificent view! Have you ever climbed one for real? If you’re living in the US, you can finally brag about conquering soem peaks, because here are 10 easiest mountains to climb in USA!

What is it that drives people to climb mountains anyway? Is it a sense of adventure, or love for nature? Perhaps a bit of both? It seems there is a bit of an explorer in each of us thinking about mountain climbing. A trail takes you places with breath-taking views, lush nature and an occasional glimpse of a squirrel or a deer. Then there’s the pride you feel once you reach your destination after a tiring, but pleasant climb. Don’t worry about the equipment here. For most of these beauties, you’ll need nothing more than a pair of good walking boots, a stick, and some endurance. They’re just perfect for non technical mountain climbs. That means a climbing process is defined rather as hiking to the top.

In Insider Monkey’s informative article you’ll find out which is the most dangerous and crowded mountain, which tops are the best to climb in March, and which is the least climbed mountain in the world. Yes, there is such a thing, and everything we’ll be clear to you once you see which country it is in. As for the easiest mountains out there, they definitely do not recommend Mt. Whitney. Check their advice, though we believe you’ve heard tons of praise for its accessibility.

The mountains listed aren’t too high, and their terrain is very good for beginners. nevertheless, your friends and family will be impressed once you tell them hwo you spent your day off. If you choose one of 10 easiest mountains to climb in USA, that’s going to be the best day ever!