10 Fascinating Examples of Genetically Modified Animals


If you’re expecting to read about Dolly or featherless chickens in this list, you couldn’t be more wrong. Insider Monkey’s gripping list of 10 fascinating examples of genetically modified animals will completely blow your mind with incredible, out-of-this-world modifications!

But let’s have a word or two first. As we have said, not only is Dolly the sheep old news since people have been cloning camels, horses, dogs and other species, but Dolly doesn’t fit the definition “genetically modified”! Clones and genetically modified organisms are two completely different experiments, as you will find out. As for those featherless chicks, they are neither clones nor genetically modifed animals. But we’ll let you find out more on this in the article.

What makes these animals so absoutely astonishing? They were listed for various reasons, so you’ll have a nice engrossing read. Some of them will wow you with their appearance. Either for being extremely unusual, or for being completely gorgeous. But not everything is about the looks in life, is it? What if we told you scientists have been changing mouse milk. Can you guess why? Spoiler alert: that milk won’t be used for baby mice. Next, there are environmentally friendly cows and pigs. Believe it or not, but people aren’t the only creatures on  planet Earth being scolded for extreme greenhouse gas production. Perhaps you have already heard something of silk spinning goats. No, they don’t actually spin any silk, though perhaps it’s only a matter of time before someone got that idea, too. After all, who knows what we may expect in this world if someone has thought of mixing spiders and goats’ genes! For now, these goats are producing silk, but you’ll see which one exactly and why once you read the article.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to raise your eyebrows and wonder where this world is headed? Prepare to be wowed with Insider Monkey’s list of fascinating examples of genetically modified animals!