From the beginning of industrial revolution cities have been the place for all major socioeconomic activities. Alongside our civilization, cities have grown into something what every modern citizen desires. And America is home to some of the world’s greatest cities. With the turn of the new century, one thing became apparent, that if you would like to live in a mega city with your family, you better earn quite a lot of money, because the cost of living in the biggest cities in The United States are extremely high, and people with a low income will really struggle to live and maintain a quality life for their families in such mega cities. But the amenities a modern city provides is rather hard to pass on as well. To bridge the gap between the desire to live in a mega city and one’s income range, the fastest growing cities come into the picture. These fastest growing cities try to provide all the amenities of a mega city, but unlike mega cities of the United States, these cities have relatively low cost of living, and as you will notice when you go through the article, that these cities are located adjacent to a mega city themselves.

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