10 Fastest Growing Cities in the U.S. by Population Growth


Today we are discussing the 10 fastest growing cities on the U.S. by population growth. Insider Monkey has recently published an interesting compilation regarding to this topic.

When the population of settlements grow, it can have several reasons. One of them is urbanisation. It means the shift of population from rural to urban areas, as people seek better living conditions and higher standard of life in the cities. It’s a general process while towns and cities become larger. This process then forms a circle, as people who moved to cities get work, but at the same time they create workplaces as well. Consequently, more people go to the cities and settle there. The other reason for population growth is when more and more children are born. It’s main reason is the high living standards, when parents feel more children can be brought up and fended for. Or quite to the contrary, those cities have outstanding population growth where there are lots of shanty areas, as poor people generally have large number of children. The third reason can be the immigration. In the last decade we have experienced a grand and expanded migration all over the world. The United States isn’t an exception, either. Although, the numbers of immigrants began to decrease in 2016, when more than one million people arrived in the United States to settle down here.

And now let’s check out some of the cities from Insider Monkey’s list. Austin, Texas got the ninth spot on the list with is amazing population growth of 16,439 which means 1.71%. This city is predicted to have a million citizens in two years’ time. Irvine, California is also on the list wit a population increase of 2.01%, this number was enough only for the seventh spot. But let’s see one of the top 3 cities with the largest population growth, Port St. Lucie, Florida. Its population growth is 3.61%. For any more further information, please click the fastest growing cities on the U.S. by population growth.