10 Hardest Cities to Find a Job in 2016


If you are looking for a job, then I highly recommend that you go through this article. Though on the surface, the title of the article may seem like a huge turn off for job seekers, but you can certainly use the information you will find in the article to your advantage. If you are wondering how we managed to figure out the hardest cities to get a job in? Then I am afraid I cannot say much in this short intro, you will have to read the full article to know more. That being said, I can say that the rate of unemployment has been a criteria in this, our researchers compared the national rate of unemployment with a specific city’s rate of unemployment. Also, there were other criteria as well. As always, our researchers resorted to various credible sources for relevant information in order to come up with the list. And I am certain that the resulting article is pretty accurate as far as numbers go. If you are a job seeker at the moment, then we advise that you avoid the cities that made our list.

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