10 Highest Paying Countries for Petroleum Engineers


Petroleum is perhaps the most important substance in the modern world. Some would even go as far as to calling it “The Black Gold”. Though we have been able to harness nuclear power, but still the civilian application for nuclear power remains restricted to producing electricity only and this technology is only available to a handful of countries. Therefore, petroleum is still the dominant source of energy that essentially powers the whole world. Every vehicle there is, except the nuclear submarines, is powered by some purified form of petroleum. Starting from your family car, to the fighter jets that are deployed to defend our country is run by fossil fuel. Of course, fighter jets do not run on gasoline, but the aviation fuel is derived from the same petroleum that we get gasoline from. So, I think how important the job of a petroleum engineer is, needs no further explanation. But the question is, how much can petroleum engineers make? Well, you will be surprised. Today we will talk about a few countries that pay quite a lot of money to the petroleum engineers. So, if you aspire to become a petroleum engineer someday, or already are one but looking for a better opportunity, by all means do hang around for a bit longer.

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